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About Passion Bake

Passion Bake is a bakery founded by Certified Pastry Chef Ayesha Akhtar.

As a known passionate baker, Ayesha travelled to Italy and France to follow her dreams and develop her skills as a culinary creator and influencer. She is now pursuing her Masters in Advanced Chocolate and Confectionary as she strives to take her skills to the next level.

Ayesha also holds a degree in Software Engineering which is the career she successfully pursued while following her passion for baking and pastry arts. Ayesha was awarded 3rd place in Lindt Easter Competition in April 2020.

Passion Bake is Ayesha’s bespoke affair. This unique name comes from Ayesha’s undeniable dedication to pouring her heart and soul into each and every one of her creations. She commits herself to providing the most beautiful and delicious baked goods, and loves that her work brings a smile to her customers faces.

Apart from her passion for baking, Ayesha’s love for food art is inculcated through her artist parents. Her drive for the culinary aspects of her business came from her mother, while her artistic side came from her father. Baking and food art are simply what Ayesha was born to do.

It could be a wedding or baby shower, or even just a family weekend treat. Either way, Ayesha’s creations are sure to fill you with joy.

Passion Bake Presentation and Packaging

Aside from her passion for pastry and culinary art, Ayesha thoroughly enjoys creating beautiful presentation and packaging for her products. She considers every detail of her packaging and ensures that each and every one of her creations (whether it be savoury or sweet) is wrapped with ribbons, flowers and pearls to perfection.

Be sure to check out Passion Bake’s most popular creations: Hi-Tea Platters, Chocolates, Macarons and Entremets.

MUA: @nadiataiq67
Photgraphy: @rmushtaqofficial
“Passion Bake is my Bespoke Affair”
-Ayesha Akhtar

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